Total Dead Sea Vacation Gift Basket

Total Dead Sea Vacation Gift Basket
Total Dead Sea Vacation Gift Basket
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This is our best and biggest gift basket! It includes all our top products - a huge variety. This gift is only for those Extra Special people in your life - they will remember this gift every time they use one of these products for month's to come!
This gift basket contains the following products:
Dead Sea Seaweed Soap
This unique seaweed algae soap made with Dead Sea Minerals, olive oil and pond cultivated Gracilaria algae (Red seaweed). This natural soap is rich in minerals and trace elements from the Dead Sea that are essential to healthy glowing skin. Removes dirt and impurities and restores the natural balance of the skin. Bathed with uncontaminated seawater from Mediterranean marine reserve, these seaweed algae are rich in trace elements and vitamins, and are known to have deep penetrating and fat emulsifying properties.
Dead Sea Black Mud Soap
Our All Natural Black Mud Soap contains a unique combination of Dead Sea minerals derived from Dead Sea Mud. This effective mud soap removes dirt and cleanses your skin, while simultaneously infusing it with minerals essential to keeping your skin hydrated and moisturized. Our Dead Sea mud soap is enriched with century old Dead Sea mud, leaving your skin cleansed and nourished. As more people are learning about the healing and beauty effects of black mud from The Dead Sea, this soap is becoming a very popular choice for skin care conscious people.
Dead Sea Salt Soap
Our All Natural Salt Soap contains a unique combination of Dead Sea minerals and trace elements derived from Dead Sea Salt. This soap removes dirt and cleanses your skin, while simultaneously infusing it with minerals essential to keeping your skin hydrated and moisturized. Our mineral-rich Dead Sea Salt soap is a very healthy and popular alternative to regular soaps which leave your skin dry and flaky. The natural balance of your skin will be restored and your skin will have that healthy glow..
Energizing Salt Scrub with Natural Kiwi Mango Oil
Fill your body with energy using Energizing Salt Scrub that combines Dead Sea Salt and minerals with natural oil. Gentle and reviving, the scrub exfoliates the top layer of dead skin cells, helps circulation and rejuvenates your skin. While smoothing and stimulating the skin, this energizing body scrub will gently buff away dead skin cells leaving your skin smooth, supple and refreshed. Scrubs help circulation and are a wonderful way to invigorate your skin. The abrasive action of the salt will remove dead skin cells and open pores, allowing them to breathe. A vigorous scrub not only softens, stimulates and cleans the skin but also makes it look lighter.

Body Mud from The Dead SeaFrom the depths of the spot on earth with the highest concentration of natural health-enhancing minerals, Cleopatra's Choice brings you Dead Sea Black Mineral Mud. The special natural ingredients cleanse and disinfect the skin, while refreshing and revitalizing it and maintaining the skin's natural moisture levels. Mud from the Dead Sea is known to cure skin disorders through strengthening the skin tissues, maintaining the chemical balance of the skin, stimulating blood circulation and eliminating toxins from the skin.
Dead Sea mud and salts also help with such diseases as arthritis, muscle stiffness, itching skin and pain as well as with psoriasis, acne, blackheads, inflammations of joints, eczema and athletes foot. Dead Sea mineral mud and salt is known for anti-aging, anti-wrinkles, deep cleansing and whitening effect. They also are effective at helping to take away blackheads, freckles and wrinkles.

Circulation is accelerated as is the process of natural skin generation. The result is healthy skin that is silky and soft.
Authentic Dead Sea Bath Salt - Rose - Home Spa TreatmentCome home after a long day and relax your body in a warm bath with rejuvenating, relaxing bath salts from The Dead Sea. For centuries people have traveled great distances to come and bathe in the salt rich waters of The Dead Sea. The only thing second to actually bathing in the sea is taking a bath with Dead Sea bath salts. Now you can enjoy these wonderful salts in your own bath tub without having to travel to The Dead Sea!
Benefits of Dead Sea Bath SaltsOur bath salts are a soothing blend of legendary Dead Sea rich-mineral salt along with with natural aromatic (Essential) oil for super relaxation. Our bath salts contain a unique composition of mineral salts, minerals and trace elements for soothing, moisturizing effects on the whole body. Like nothing else, these salts will relax your muscles, enrich your skin with healthy minerals and wash away all your stress and worries. These wonderfully scented salts bring the premier spas of the Dead Sea to your bathtub. Immerse yourself in the waters of well-being.
Dead Sea Mineral Body Lotion with Shea Butter
This luxurious Body Lotion contains a rich combination of Shea Butter, Dead Sea minerals, natural plant extracts and vitamins A & E. Using the unique healing properties of Dead Sea minerals, the magical healing and rejuvenating powers of Shea Butter and the moisturizing benefits of natural plant extracts this Body Lotion re-hydrates & nourishes the skin leaving it soft, smooth & refreshed. Suitable for normal to very dry skin.
Dead Sea Mineral Cleanser
Enjoy a deep cleansing effect with our gentle, yet thorough cleanser which dissolves make-up and removes all impurities from the skin, leaving it soft and comfortable. Mineral Dead Sea Cleanser also helps your skin achieve its natural balance. Enriched with active Dead Sea Minerals, this gentle cleanser makes the skin look fresh, clean and smooth. Make-up, dirt and impurities are effortlessly washed away. Restores your skin's pH balance to its optimal state.
Mineral Skin Toner - Available for Normal, Dry or Oily skin
Refresh and tighten your skin with our mineral rich toner which is formulated to refine the pores and stimulate the skin without drying or flakiness. A perfect finish to your daily cleansing routine, Jericho Mineral Skin Toner toner is a refreshing splash of minerals. It's formulated with a patented active complex of Aloe Vera and natural Dead Sea Minerals to enhance the skin's natural pH balance and leave it refreshed and supple. This mineral toner tightens pores, rebalances the skin's pH, and removes unwanted shine.
Dead Sea Moisturizing Cream
This unique and rare moisturizing cream is made on the exotic shores of The Dead Sea and infused with powerful minerals extracted from centuries old Dead Sea mud. The infusion of essential minerals combined with healing salts from the sea, give this cream it's unique moisturizing and smoothing effect. This non-oily, rich moisturizing cream absorbs quickly and deeply hydrates your skin from the inside out. It continues working throughout the day by improving your skin's ability to regain it's natural moisture and better retain it's moisture levels. This therapeutic cream reduces the visible signs of aging, by penetrating easily into the pores and leaving your skin looking radiant, smooth and healthy for many hours. People will wonder why your skin has than new "glow".
Dead Sea Mineral-Rich Eye Gel
Let your eyes shine again with their natural beauty - get rid of the wrinkles around your eyes and smooth out fine lines. The delicate skin around your eyes requires a special, gentler touch. Our unique, fragrance-free eye gel delivers rich moisture to the area around your eyes, and is gentle and soft at the same time. This sheer, light gel is infused with active minerals from the Dead Sea to soothe and protect the delicate eye area from dehydration and the signs of aging. Continued use is effective at smoothing lines and wrinkles and leaving skin looking elastic, smooth and youthful.
Bath & Shower Gel with Dead Sea Minerals & Plant Extracts - Ocean Breeze Scent
Experience the invigorating effect of our cleansing shower gel. Rich in Dead Sea minerals and plant extracts, this shower gel will leave your skin feeling clean, silky smooth and lightly moisturized. A great way to infuse your skin with the minerals it needs while awakening to a wonderful, invigorating scent.
Shampoo for Normal & Dry Hair - 8.4 fluid ounces
Our Dead Sea Shampoo is truly intensive hair care for normal & dry hair. This mineral shampoo is formulated with our patented double care complex. It cleans intensively and enlivens the scalp and hair roots, resulting in natural sheen and optimum bounce. Our shampoo gently cleans, brightens, and gives new body and shine to your hair. It contains a high concentration of Dead Sea minerals that revitalize the scalp and hair root, resulting in healthy and manageable hair. Mineral shampoo is a concentrated shampoo and is therefore economical to use.
Dead Sea Balsam Conditioner - 8.4 fluid ounces
Our Dead Sea hair conditioner is a hair balm which protects your hair from damaging influences while making it much easier to manage. It's made with a specially formulated blend of Dead Sea minerals and natural wild flowers as well as essential oils to protect your hair and add a healthy natural look. Makes your hair look healthy, shiny and keeps it easy to manage much more than the traditional market conditioners. Suitable for all hair types.