A Dip in the Dead Sea Gift Basket

A Dip in the Dead Sea Gift Basket
A Dip in the Dead Sea Gift Basket
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Mineral Skin Toner - for all skin types
Refresh and tighten your skin with our mineral rich toner which is formulated
to refine the pores and stimulate the skin without drying or flakiness.
A perfect finish to your daily cleansing routine, Jericho Mineral
Skin Toner toner is a refreshing splash of minerals. It's formulated
with a patented active complex of Aloe Vera and natural Dead Sea Minerals
to enhance the skin's natural pH balance and leave it refreshed and
supple. This mineral toner tightens pores, rebalances the skin's pH,
and removes unwanted shine.
Dead Sea Mineral Facial Peel

Exfoliate the skin on your face with our popular exfoliating facial
mask! Consisting of natural grains blended with aromatic oils and Dead
Sea minerals, this Mineral Facial Mask exfoliates and renews the skin
in minutes. This concentrated blend of Walnut Shell Powder, Jojoba Oil
and Chamomile Extract helps rejuvenate the complexion on and below the
surface of the skin and makes the skin soft and silky.
Mineral Cleansing Gel
Enjoy a deep cleansing effect with our gentle, yet thorough cleanser
which dissolves make-up and removes all impurities from the skin,
leaving it soft and comfortable. Mineral Dead Sea Cleanser also helps
your skin achieve its natural balance. Enriched with active Dead Sea
Minerals, this gentle cleanser makes the skin look fresh, clean and
smooth. Make-up, dirt and impurities are effortlessly washed away.
Restores your skin's pH balance to its optimal state.