Anti Wrinkle Regimen Kit

Anti Wrinkle Regimen Kit
Anti Wrinkle Regimen Kit
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Anti Wrinkle Regimen Includes:
1. Glycerin Moisturizing soap
2. Facial Salts
3. Anti Wrinkle Serum
4. Moisturizer
5. Delicate Eye Gel
6. Peel-Off Minerals Mask
How to use the anti aging regimen

Step 1: Your morning skin care routine should start with cleansing
your skin. Moisturizing soap will gently cleanse your skin removing
any overnight oil clogging your pores and allowing the skin to breathe.Step 2: The facial salts will polish and deep cleanse your
skin and pores. Get some salt on wet fingers and gently scrub your
skin. Leave on for a minute and wash away with slightly warm water.
The salts will increase blood circulation to the skin cells, bring
out your skin's natural moisture and tighten your pores. Step 3: Now that your skin is clean and toned, put a thin layer
of serum on your dry face and a thin layer of an eye cream around
your eyes. Serum creates a natural screen on the surface of your skin
to protect it from the harmful impact of the environment and helps
smooth out wrinkles and lines. Step 4: After serum is absorbed, put a thin layer of moisturizing
cream and follow up with your makeup if you choose to. Step 5: One or two times a week, use the peel off mineral mask
for additional cleansing and mineral enrichment of your skin.