Mineral Facial Cleanser

Mineral Facial Cleanser
Mineral Facial Cleanser
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Dead Sea Mineral Cleanser - 6.1oz
Available for Normal, Dry and Oily Skin types
Enjoy a deep cleansing effect with our gentle, yet thorough cleanser
which dissolves make-up and removes all impurities from the skin,
leaving it soft and comfortable. Mineral Dead Sea Cleanser also helps
your skin achieve its natural balance. Enriched with active Dead Sea
Minerals, this gentle cleanser makes the skin look fresh, clean and
smooth. Make-up, dirt and impurities are effortlessly washed away.
Restores your skin's pH balance to its optimal state.
Directions: Apply a few drops of Mineral cleanser to a piece
of cotton pad and thoroughly clean face and neck, avoiding eye and
mouth contact. Follow with Mineral Skin toner. Apply morning and evening
Ingredients: Water (Aqua),
Stearic Acid, Aloe Vera (Aloe barbadenis leaf extract), Propylene
Glycol, Dead Sea Salts, Dead Sea Black Mud, Fragrance (Perfume), Parafin
Oil, I.P.M – Isopropyl Myristate, Propyl Paraben, Methyl Paraben,
Cethyl Phosphate & Deaphosphate, Imidazolipinyl Urea.